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Date Night in a box – Gift Set


A box filled with locally made goodies, including a massage candle, bath products, and more!

Choose between 3 of our most popular fragrances.

What's in our Date Night in a Box?

Enjoy the ultimate date night experience at home. 

Our Date Night in a box contains a massage candle, bubbling bath salts, a soap bar, and a chocolate treat.

Choose your date night between 3 fragrances for the perfect soirée.


Bubbling Bath Salts - 125g

Indulge in a tub full of bubbles while your massage candle burns. Let the aromas ignite your senses. 

Made with gentle foaming ingredients, these salts will help you instantly relax. Pair with a glass of wine for the perfect tub duo.


Soap Bar - 45g

Cleanse your skin with these handmade soap bars from a local soap shop in Rouyn-Noranda, La Savonnerie BonBain. 

The gentle cleansing ingredients of these soaps will prep your skin and your senses for the ultimate experience.


Massage Candles - 125g

Spark your senses with this scrumptious massage candle. Made with moisturizing butters and oils, it’s perfect for the skin. 

The ideal texture that glides perfectly during a massage, the warm oil will feel amazing. 


Chocolate Treat - 90g

Delight your taste buds with a chocolate delicacy locally made by Chocolats Martine, in Ville Marie. Two bars are included in each date night box. Flavours are chosen randomly between the following: 

– Fleur de sel (Salt Flower)

– Choc-o-lait (Milk Chocolate)

– Caramelle (Caramel)

– Noire 70% (Dark Chocolate)

1. Light your candle and prepare your massage environment.

2. Wait about 15 to 30 minutes, until there is a large pool of melted wax. *Don’t forget: the more times the candle has been used, the faster the wax becomes hot. 

3. Test the temperature of the melted wax on your forearm. 

4. Once you are ready, extingish the flame, and wait 30 seconds.

5. Pour about a tablespoon liquid on your partner’s back and massage the oil into the skin. 

6. Enjoy!

Warning: This massage candle may stain. Make sure the sheets and/or towels you use are not your favorites.

1. Run yourself a warm bath and add salts close to the tap.

2. To double or triple the amount of bubbles, activate your shower head and run warm water into the salts in your tub. 

3. Enjoy!

Note: You can put your bath salts in an organza bag or directly into your tub. To recieve full benefits from the salts, allow yourself to drip dry. 

Do not use bath salts in a whirlpool tub.

Discontinue use of massage candle and/or salts if irritation occurs.

Always check ingredients on package for allergies. 

Unmatched Quality

Our soy candles are made of 100% eco friendly soy wax, reuseable glass jars, cotton wicks & high quality fragrance oils.

Free Shipping

Every order over 65$ is eligible for free shipping! 


All of our products are handmade with love in Abitibi-Témiscamingue, Québec.

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