Massage Candles


Massage Candles


A Moisturizing Candle For a Home Spa Experience


Welcome to the massage candle section of the Home Spa Collection! We formulated our hot wax massage candles so that they are warm to the touch and soft on the skin. This amazing collection includes scents such as soft lavender, sensual amber, and mountain rain. Use our candles for some mother-daughter spa time or even some sensual wax play with your SO!

Take a moment to relax with the aroma of soft lavender, excite your senses with sensual amber, or close your eyes and imagine taking a bath in the mountains on a rainy day. Moreover, our soy massage candles are sure to provide feelings of warmth and pampering while moisturizing your skin and helping you unwind after a long week. You can’t go wrong with any of our massage candles! Made from premium natural ingredients. Certainly, we have something for everyone in this collection!

Above all, YOU are our top priority. So every day, you get free shipping with every order over 65$! Our products are handmade in Québec, Canada. We are a family-owned and operated company.

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