Our Story

You are the reason we do what we do

How it all started

At La boîte à bougies, we strive on making candles with the best materials worthy of the highest standards.

Lindsay Marois, Founder & Chandler

The very beginning of our story happened with a single, life-changing, thought many years ago.

Before creating La boîte à bougies, I loved burning candles regularly. So much so, that I always had at least one burning in the house at all times.

Then one day while searching the internet, I asked myself if it was possible for me to make a candle. 

I came across an article describing what the average candle was made of. I was appalled and horrified by what I had just found out. I never suspected that big box store candles were so harmful to my health. I thought there had to be a way for my family and loved ones to enjoy candlelight naturally.

I continued my research rigorously and finally found an alternative: soy candles.

I ordered a set from an online store and tried making my very own vegan candles.

I immediately fell in love with the candle making process.

Very quickly, my friends and relatives began to want candles with different fragrances. I told them I was going to have to sell them because the demand was getting too big. It didn’t seem to bother them because they knew they were going to get an eco-friendly, clean-burning candle, that was lovingly handcrafted and amazingly scented.

The idea of turning this into a business came to me soon after.

I told myself that if this project had to happen, I would need the best materials, a business structure, a concrete plan, and a mission. I also wanted my product lines to bring joy and peace of mind to households while being pure.

With that in mind, I set out to create a complete line of soy candles with unique fragrances, quality ingredients, handmade and affordable for all candle fanatics out there.

The road was a little harder than I thought. After all, I had to master the art of candle making, find distributors for my materials, compile a lot of numbers, and more. I had little to no experience in starting a whole business and no business degree. Through it all, I managed to put everything together and La boîte à bougies was born. 

Soon after, we released our first line of products and the response was phenomenal!

People can’t seem to get enough of these unique, quality, amazingly scented candles. The best part of all is seeing the excitement when people find their favorite scent. 

We are so grateful that you trust us when it comes to your fragrances and hope our products continue to bring joy, love, and comfort knowing that they are safe for your family and your home.

Yours truly,