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La boîte à bougies is a Canadian candle company that specializes in aromatherapy candles, home fragrancing and self care products for you and your home.

We know how important home fragrance and quality are to you, and we strive to overdeliver with all of our products. We hand-make and inspect all our scented soy candle orders before they ship out to give you the best possible experience.

Family owned and operated, we take pride in our work as a company. With our expert’s many years of experience in the art of candle-making, we have built a brand that is committed to customer satisfaction and home decor in homes across the country.

With many satisfied customers, we have built a brand that you can trust. Come and make your home smell great with our Canadian soy candles!

Handmade & Local

Because we are commited

We handmake each and every order for premium quality​


We are located in Rouyn-Noranda, Québec!

Candle Care

How to Care For Your New Handmade Canadian Soy Candles

We often get asked many questions about our all-natural candles.

Here are some of the most popular questions and answers!

Q. How long do I let my candle burn?

We typically recommend to light your candle for an average of 3 hours, but you can let it burn for anywhere between 1 to 4 hours at a time according to your preferences in fragrance strength and ambiance.  

Q. How short should I trim the wick?

When you recieve your soy wax candles, the wicks are already cut to their ideal length. After the first burn, ensure the wick is between 1/4 to 1/2 inches long before the next lighting. The wicks in our candles generally trim themselves when burning, but they will occasionally need to be manually trimmed.

Q. How long will my soy candle last?

The number of hours you get out of your scented soy candle will depend on the size of the candle ordered. You can see the number of hours directly on our product pages. Not to mention, with the proper care of your soy candle, you will typically get even more hours out of them!

Q. I’ve never heard of soy wax. How is it made?

In the simplest terms, soy wax originally comes from the soya plant. The plant grows in fields. Oil is then extracted from the plant and transformed into wax. 

Q. Do you hand-make every single candle?

Yes. Every. Single. One. 

Q. Do you hand-make all your other products too?


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Sure thing! Head on over here!